Apple Watch How To – short collection –

The Apple watch is an amazing piece of technology, with fascinating features such as ECG, slick design and clean user interface. However despite all the good things not everything is so straight forward, so here is a short list of some of the questions we might sometimes find ourselves trying to answer.

1 – How to delete an alarm on Apple Watch.

To delete and alarm open the Alarms app tap on the alarm you would like to remove, a “Delete” button will appear, tap on it and you are done.

2 – How to setup Apple watch as nightstand clock with alarm

-1 Open settings app on your apple watch.

-2 Go to General > Nightstand Mode, turn on Nightstand mode, When you connect the Apple watch to the charger it will display the current time, date and alarm you have set up.

-3 When the alarm sounds and you feel like sleeping longer smack the side button to turn it off, or press the Digital Crown to snooze for 9 more minutes.

3 – How to free up space in the Apple watch.

On the watch go to “Settings” > “General > “Usage” here you can see space related information, swiping down you can see how much space each app is taking, from here you will get an idea and then decide which app you would like to delete.

Press the Digital Crown to go back to the Home screen, once you have your apps on the screen, press and hold until the app icons start shaking, tap the “X” of the app you want to remove, then confirm the deletion of the app.

You may want to delete music you might have on the watch, open the Music app, swipe down until you see entries for “On Iphone” and “Library”. Tap Library > Albums, swipe down once you see the album you want to remove swipe it left and then type the “…” on the next screen tab “Remove”, you will get a prompt, tab on “Remove Download” and “Done”.

4 – How to put apple watch on silent series 3.

-1 Slide up from the bottom of the screen.

-2 tab the sound mode icon(little bell) to turn silent mode on or off,

-3 once done tap the Digital Crown to go back to the home screen.

5 – How to change kilometers to miles on Apple watch.

-1 Open settings.

-2 scroll down until you see “Workout”.

-3 Tap “Units of Measure”.

-4 Select Kilometers under “Walking and Running Workouts” section.

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