How to search for a word on Google docs

Today I have been playing a lot with Google docs and also Google Sheets so I decided to do a quick post about how to do a few tasks on Google docs that might help some people.

Let’s go!

How to search for a word on Google docs?

In windows press “CTRL + f” and It will pop up a little search windows on the top right where you can type the word you are searching for and this is how you find words in Google docs.

How to download an image from Google docs?

If you have a picture in a Google doc that you would like to keep but would like to have it on the actual size, click on “File” > “Download” > Web Page(.html, zip).

Once the file is downloaded double click on the file and inside you will see a “Images” folder, there you will find the images in the original size.

How to make google docs dark mode?

For this one is weird that Google does not have an option for this on desktop so you will need this party extension is called Google Docs Dark Mode, as of right now it has over 800k downloads I’m not really that desperate so I skip that one. On the iPhone, iPad and Android devices you can just switch it on and off by going to “Settings” > “theme”.

How to strikethrough on Google docs?

Select the text you want to strikethrough and press on Window “ALT + SHIFT + 5” or on the top menu go to “Format” > “Text” > “Strikethrough”.

This 4 are some of the questions that sometimes people come up to me with I will updated it if I get new ones.

I hope this helps, if you happen to have one that would like to be added here please let me know in the comments below.

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